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  1. Spring has Sprung!

    Hello Addicts! Spring has finally arrived and already the Minecraft Addicts server has experienced some new changes! A lot of you have probably seen Maplethesnippa's new arena, the battle castle (arena a), if not you should definetly check it out! I have a feeling that it will be used quite a lot!

    Cooliojulio and Wubbles have created a pve village that is protected against griefing! If you haven't found it, go to pve and head west and remember no tping other people! It's an adventure! ...
  2. Creative Contest 4.0 Opens!

    Minecraft Addicts 4th creative contest is now open, the theme of this contest is Castles, Ancient and Modern. Come join the fun and build your dream castle for ingame Caps prizes as follows:
    1st place 15,000 Caps, 2nd place 10,000 Caps, 3rd and 4th place both 5,000 Caps.
    To enter the contest, you will need to be a plot owner in the Build or Creative world, and ask a staff member to add you to the contest site.
    Use /warp contest to get to the contest site. See you in there!!
  3. The End is Here

    Hello again Addicts!
    We now have "The End" on our server, as an extension of the Arena world.
    The End has been set up as a small PvP world where players can fight each other and the Ender Dragon, and also mine for Endstone and Obsidian.
    The End has "keep inventory" ON, same as Arena world.
  4. 2015 Player Survey now active.

    Hello Addicts,
    The 2015 Player Survey is now out. This year's survey gives the community a chance to shape the overall direction of the server and community. The survey form has only one multiple choice question, all other questions need your words. Please take some time and think about the Minecraft Addicts Server and Community and write down those thoughts. No idea is too crazy to read about! The survey has prizes of ingame blocks for the build world inventory group as follows, 1: stack ...
  5. PvE Reset to 1.8 map.

    Hey Addicts,
    PvE world has been reset to a 1.8 map. Thanks for the crew that helped to build the spawn for this world - Major__Chaos, purplehistory, neodragonkiller, WubblesBubbles, cooliojulio, DCL_, alien12, and the rest of staff. It was great working with this crew and I look forward to more of the same in future.

    This PvE map is 4000x4000 blocks in size and has several ocean monuments to raid, a decent amount of mesa biome with hardended clay blocks, and at least one mushroom ...
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