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Spring has Sprung!

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Hello Addicts! Spring has finally arrived and already the Minecraft Addicts server has experienced some new changes! A lot of you have probably seen Maplethesnippa's new arena, the battle castle (arena a), if not you should definetly check it out! I have a feeling that it will be used quite a lot!

Cooliojulio and Wubbles have created a pve village that is protected against griefing! If you haven't found it, go to pve and head west and remember no tping other people! It's an adventure!

MCA has launched it's fourth annual contest! The theme is castles and so far we are seeing fantastic builds! Thank you everyone for enetering! The Contest closes April 21st so if you haven't finished you should get doing that! If you have not entered and want to just ask a staff for assistance. Make sure you have a build plot first before you enter!

Speaking of changes, the staff of Minecraft Addicts has issued a new Player Survey! If you have not done the Player Survey please go ahead and check that out! The Survey helps the staff because it informs us about the changes that you, the member, want to see. Minecraft Addicts Staff really does care what you have to say because we want to make MCA the best that it can be. The Survey will close around April 15th, so please write your thoughts on our survey, who knows, you might even get some fancy blocks (diamond, gold, etc) for it!

As always, vote, build and enjoy Minecraft Addicts!

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