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Summer recap and September updates

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Hey Addicts!

Most of you have started school and finished your summer vacations. We hope you enjoyed having time to relax and unwind. At the start of summer the staff promised an eventful summer and I hope we kept that promise. We had a roller coaster contest. Congratz to bobcatfish9 for being the winner and our runners up are: xRicheyx, jennythegreat, purplehistory, Trexation/Hollandic, swag, wubbles and Czy.

Check out our screenshot contest that happens every month:
(Congratulations to WubblesBubbles_, Assualtcommand and Nanaliana for getting first place)!

This month is especially exciting as September is when Minecraft Addict's anniversary is held (September 23rd to be exact). This year will be our fifth! MCA can finally go to kindergarten... it's grown up so fast. So many things have happened over these past few years. A lot of members have left and come back as well as new members that have come on have stayed. Many projects have been created and all of them are amazing..I wish I could build like some of you but sadly that is not one of my skills. MCA is still evolving and you can help make it grow by voting and donating. The staff have devised a new voting system (more information in community talk) and you can get some awesome prizes from that so please check it out!

The staff are planning events for this year and we hope you enjoy all of them. If any of you have seen our 5th anniversary video on youtube then you might be curious what the TNT sound at the end was.... well the staff have planned a D-Day Event held in the first week of October to celebrate 5 years of MCA! D-Day involves tnt, tnt and.. TNT! Yes that's right. D-day is when players can blow up builds in Historic and Build. Woo! I'm going to blow up dph's potato farm..mwahahahhahaha! Hope to see you guys there.

Happy Birthday Minecraft Addicts!

As always, stay cool and keep mining!

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