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Minecraft Addicts Perks v2.0

Posted by: MrJangles 06-16-2013

New Perks!

The new perks have been rolled out! We'll be offering two types of perks. Permanent and subscription. Permanent perks (ranks) are permanent and you can only purchase them once. You will receive the perks in the lower ranks when you either purchase a high rank directly, or, ranking up from a lower rank. If you're upgrading a rank you only pay the difference from your current rank. You can still donate for Caps. Subscription perks expire at a set time.

Here are a few things to remember:
- Permanent ranks are forever lasting.
- Perks carry over into next rank.
- Kits can only be used once (tools as separate perks are being looked into)
- The sale is only on for two weeks!


Vote for the next MCA card background!

Posted by: lofp 10-20-2012, 07:58 PM

Vote from this list of 10 background that where picked out from the Contest: Get your MCA project as the Background of November's Card!

This is for November's card.

Please see below and pick from this selection the one that you would like to see

keep in mind that the final picture might be redone and that what you are voting on is the project.

Vote for the next MCA card background!
War is Official and is the new factions world

Posted by: lofp 10-19-2012 12:46 AM

Once you arrive to spawn you will notice that the old nether sign has changed it is now called "war"

and this portal will lead directly to the new factions world called WAR.

If you go up the ladder you will reach 4 mini portals that lead to the 4 new sub spawns.

each one with its own style and design.

these where submitted by users and we are happy to integrate them into the world.

if you go below you will reach a new portal this one leads to "hell"

hell is a new nether world that is factions based. it works the same way as the old nether but is now linked to war and can also be claimed.

if you need to go back just type /warp war or /warp hell

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XP and Enchantment

Posted by: lofp 10-19-2012 12:45 AM

we have now activated XP and enchantments on the server.

keep in mind that war and build and there respective worlds are separated.

we have also noticed some bugs with the enchantments once created the cost seems to be more then the price.

please report in the forums any thing else you may come across

here is how the worlds should be joined

xp is the same in
build, pve, nether, historic, spawn

xp is the same in
war, hell

Be warned we have noticed some xp resets please keep in mind that we are still doing some test.

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Minecraft Addicts Player Cards!

Posted by: MrJangles 10-3-2012 7:38PM

Fellow Addicts!
The time has come to certify your Addiction!!

These are Limited First Edition Minecraft Addict player cards. This month will feature Steve as the Avatar. Future versions will include your own avatar!

Why do you want them?? Great question!

You want them because you're a card carrying MineCraft Addict (and now you'll have the card to prove it!!) You also want them because there MAY BE (*definitely is) a secret contest to see who among you is the most addicted! These cards are the first to ever be issued and will only be available until Oct 15. New editions will be unveiled every month. But we recommend you start collecting right now as you'll need the first 4 card editions to be entered into the initial contest....

Why you ask?? Too many questions! Just trust us that you want to start your collection
Herp Derp - The World Unites!!

Posted by: CommanderFluffy 09-11-2012 9:01PM

Hey Addicts,

Any who over the past few days of extreme debate... 3 new mods have been awarded positions of grander and fame!

Please welcome the new mods:

Hurah *cheering*

That is all,
The Minecraft Addicts Team

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