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Thread: 171292 - n7e23

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    171292 - n7e23

    1: What plot do you want? N16, E28
    2: What is your Minecraft username? 171292
    3: What are you going to build? I'm planning on building an underground mansion, complete with farms and Mob harvesting. I am wishing for a large plot, because after gathering all the resources from the underground house, I will also build an above-ground estate! I may still be new on this server, but I know a lot about interior and exterior design, as I am studying to become an architect! I also have been playing on a variety of other servers, making and selling houses for decent prices or trades. Also, I have been playing MineCraft since Alpha 1.5, and I know everything about it! Thanks!

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    Also, if you find that the plot is too big for what I am doing, I would also take plot N7, E23 or plot N16, E16 or N22, E14! Thanks!

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    This jumbo size of claim is normally reserved for really large and well planned out builds and is not given out to new members.

    So . . .

    Accepted. Claimed n7e23.
    Welcome to Oasis!

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    Could I also have plot N7, E22 please? It's a small plot, and It would look a lot better if I had the whole little stretch to work with, as it is connected to my plot!

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    Please use your existing plot first before requesting another.
    Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual.

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