Hey guys, just announcing the launch of a temporary PvP arena world! You can get there the same way as the old PvP world plus diamond gear is super cheap there so you can kill your fellow addict with no worries of financial loss! There's also a story revealed in the builds as written by MonsterTrain and myself (like 80% MonsterTrain, thanks dude ) anyway here's a brief intro (also by MonsterTrain):

January 14th 1943, a week after the passing of Nikola Tesla nearby neighbours of this
great innovator took it upon themselves to investigate the mysteries of his lab, from
which they had heard strange noise in the past months. Breaking in they scoured the
lab for clue of what could have caused such a noise. But to no avail, until they stumbled
upon a hidden entrance. Tentatively stepping down into the dark, they didn't
know what lurked within, upon lighting a match they found themselves in a small room,
the walls filled with scrawled out equations apart from one wall of which read 'Time
Manipulation' from the writing their attention turned to the contraption within the
centre of the room, with their eyes adjusting to the light they noticed a faint red
glow to the machine, a gust of wind howled through the room, extingushing the match
and causing one to trip over onto the machine. The machine roared to life, the red glow
became brighter and brighter till it illuminated the room, the walls beginning to crack
and disappate around them, behind the wall was nothing just darkness, by now the rumbles
of the machine had made it unbearable to stand and brought the group to their knees.
The machine shone bright white blinding the group momentarily, when they regained their
vision the violent shaking had stopped, and the machine was nowhere to be seen.
Peering over the edge they found themselves to be hovering over a lake, upon the edge
of which stood a crowd of residents of the nearby settlement armed with tools and torches
looking back up at them in confusion. There was only one way down, the machine had brought
them to this time period for a reason. There must be a clue within the village, but the
village isn't going to give it to you without a fight.

What will you do? Fight alongside the curious neighbours in a bid to return to the present?
Or defend the settlement of the past alongside it's residents?

The decision is yours, but there is no peaceful solution?