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    Get Ready to Declare WAR!

    Factions is now called WAR

    In two weeks we will be resetting this world to a brand new factions world, so in the mean time we are letting you play and participate in a contest.

    As a faction, you have two weeks to plan and build one of the four new spawn points that will be put into the new factions world. The current Spawn will be used as a central hub, that has portals to each of the new Spawn Points.

    They have to be built in the WAR World, and there will still be the risks of others attacking and destroying your structure.

    Specifics for the spawn points:

    - The Structure has to be built above ground.
    - The Structure can have a square area no larger than 64 blocks by 64 blocks
    - At the end of the allotted time, the most amazing Structures will win (least damaged is included in the "most amazing" judgment)

    There will be a total of four winners, whose Structures will be used as the new Faction Spawns.

    Once the world is closed please post under this thread the coordinates to your factions base or pm myself or alien with the information.

    We will contact you if you have won.

    Some other side notes:

    - Shop is still down
    - The new world will be a full reset but factions and owners will still exist.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please ask.


    On a related note:
    WARNING! Inventory Wipe
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    We will be extending the term for war.

    it will be closing on 10/01/2012.
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    Reminder TOMORROW factions war will be closed off. so that it will be ready for the reset. we will announce it on the server.

    we will be looking at the pvp factions spawns if you want you can pm me personally or post in the forums the location. Once the world is closed.

    but this is your warning.
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -


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