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Thread: Found 5 things

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    Found 5 things

    I found these things, I didn't take them with me in the shot, but you can still see my hand. 3 of these are for a hint (lofp knows what the hint is for). Ok, here they are:

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    5 signs nice

    you get 1 hint. just need one more sign to get 2 hints.
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    Question: How do I carry on my quest at the top of the black wool tunnel in [nwapS] where there are lots of mobs?

    I think it has something to do with the water dripping down, I have no idea what the stone things are for (possibly decoration) there are some inescapable pits (good for trapping mobs), I think one of the holes might lead somewhere, that is all I know.

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    HINT: Looks like some one left torches and a crafting table in the caves... maybe fallow them? They might lead to clues for that "black wool tunnel"
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    Found another, Can I please purchase a hint about where to go in the room with the tiny spawn buildings in it? I found 4 stone brick 'arrows', but they don't seem to point the right way, and I know the lava tunnel on the floor and the other tunnel in the corner (lead to by the other arm). I think it has something to do with the enderchest behind glass and the glass wall by it.

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    you got 3 more! nice you now have 1 hint and I See you already asked you question next post will be your hint.
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    Lots of people find themselves DEAD when they enter that room and some hope it will END soon.

    Fallowing this HINT http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/show...-Spawn-secrets

    How many towers have you found? (you can answer once and I will tell you if you have the right number only once.)
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    another sign, I haven't been to nwapS in a while, I probably will quite soonish.

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    Ok, I have found 6 and I think that's all because I saw the sign that said something like 5 reveal nothing, 1 reveals something. 4 more signs!!!(The sign saying "Albad" probably doesn't count, but I don't know what it means)


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