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Thread: The Alamo

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    The Alamo

    Hey guys i'm going to be building a recreation of The Alamo. Anybody is welcome to help, all you have to do is ask me and then I will add you to mah plot. Here is a pic of where it will go.

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    Thanks Flashlight50 for helping me! Here is an update on The Alamo. We have made the entrance arch and 2 watch towers so far. Here are some screenies

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    Thanks Fista for helping me with the walls, and Sponge for helping me. Here is a screenie
    Always Watching- The Watcher

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    Well guys the Alamo is finaly finished thanks to Jexter. He helped me a lot. Eventually I will add cannons to the top of the watch towers. Here is the finished screenie
    Always Watching- The Watcher


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