Greetings fellow Addicts,

The staff of MCA is pleased to announce that we will be hosting another Creative Building Contest in our newest world, Contest World.

Get ready for Creative Contest 3.0!

The theme of this contest will be Skyscrapers and other "Downtown" style builds.
To enter the contest you need to be a plot owner in either the creative or build worlds, one plot per player or team.

Plot size for the contest is 20x20, with no build height limit
Please keep your contest build within the 20x20 plot, griefing on other plots will not be allowed.
Any blocks placed outside of the border will be removed prior to judging.

To Join the contest, please ask a staff member Mod+ to add you to the Creative Contest site, and you can pick a plot and get started immediately.

Once builds are finished, players can be added to the freebuild site beside the contest for creative fun.

Your build will be judged on its appearance both outside and inside. As we are trying to create a "downtown" contest site, builds that look like actual skyscrapers or downtown builds will get more exterior, or outside points.
Builds with well finished floors including furniture etc will get more interior, or inside points.

Here's an example of how a build would be judged:

Jexter317 builds a Skyscraper.

Floor 1, 2, and 3 all get awarded a 7/10 rating

Floor 4, 5, and 6 all get a 9/10 rating

Floor 7, 8, and 9 all get a 6/10 rating

Jexter's average for interior would be 7.3

The exterior on Jex's build scores a 3.9 (too much gold and diamond block...hint hint)

So Jex's over all score is the average of interior and exterior,
7.3 + 3.9 / 2 = 5.6

As in past contests, Staff will vote on ten builds,
and these ten will be voted on in community talk to find the winners.


-First Place: 10, 000 caps
-Second Place: 7, 500 caps
-Third Place: 5, 000 Caps

How to enter the contest:

Step 1: Type /warp contest, contact a staff member for permissions to the contest plot.
Step 2: Choose one of the available plots
Step 3: Update the sign to include your name
Step 4: Start building!
Step 5: When you're done building, please add "Completed" to your sign so we know you're finished.

Contest rules/info:

- You can build up to and on top of the border (remove wool blocks is ok) but any blocks placed outside of the border will be removed prior to judging.
- One entry per user or team
- You can collaborate (work together) on a project but you still can't be part of more than one entry (for example, if I helped DCL_ with his entry I couldn't then help out Yennage with his)
- Mods+ are not eligible to enter
- No pixel art will be allowed. Any pixel art that is made will not qualify for judging.
-Closing date Sept 1st.

If you have any questions, please don't be shy to ask any staff member. Best of luck to all of you, and most of all, have fun!!

Special thanks to the following users for making this contest possible:
alien12, DCL_, Yennage, Jeff1741, Jexter317