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    Small texture pack i dl'd and then also tweaked

    This pack uses Photoshop files and is easy to tweak. I got it from Youtube's Studmuffinsam. I posted this album on my Google page here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/10059243...39431188277553

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    Looks great, it's amazing how minecraft can be tweaked

    I've been on default texture for like six months now...
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    Oh my heck, I love the glass and the dead bush.
    Now if only I had time to mess with photoshop...
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    One more block...
    One more block...
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    If you have yet to do so, your magenta-pane-edging can be found labeled as "glass_pane_top_magenta.png". |D
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    You know, I almost never use panes, so that was a surprise to me! But thanks cuz that does look funky!

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    it was easy, but then it wasn't. I thought I had to unzip the file, but then it didn't work, I had to leave the file in the rsourcepack folder unzipped. then sometimes I could get into the zipped folder and copy a file/tweak it/ and past it back-but then sometimes I had to cut the file/tweak/paste it back. it was weird. There's more than one way to do almost everything on a computer.

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    Jenny, I used to be pretty decent with old Photoshop Home Album 2.0 but this new one I got a coupla years ago was a bear! Years and years ago I tried to use Dreamweaver and I gave up.


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