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Thread: Connect 4

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    Connect 4

    What started out as playing a simple game of Connect 4 at coolio's turned into a rebuild of it, my honest thoughts were that it needed to be improved, but it was a solid foundation. So we headed to my creative plot in order to try to recreate it.

    This is what we came up with...

    This was the initial redstone for it. Simple, right?

    We decided that there needed to be a way to clear the board easily. We tossed around a few ideas, but ended up with the sand just falling on the torches and breaking into entities, eventually despawning.

    We also needed a way to store a bunch of sand, so we wouldn't have to refill it every game. I tried doing a cube-style storage system with little to no luck. Eventually dph came up with this.

    I knew even before thinking about having a huge storage for sand that I really wanted to have a way for the sand to refill itself, so after a visit to dph's potion brewing system and a chat with dph, along with a few hours of coming up with a suitable solution, I came up with this...

    Behold... the beginning of the end... the end of the beginning. Whatever you want to call it, this stores a column of the board and stores whether it was red or yellow sand placed there.

    7 more of these later and you get something that looks like this, and also stores the entire board.

    Some redstone wiring later, (and a few bugs), we get this. Actual storing of the data.

    And soon that data will be used.

    Here's where the data will be used! Say hello to the sand separator! Thanks to dph for helping me with a design that will work! I came up with something, but it was all on a single level which didn't end up working.

    I decided to redo the wiring because I realized after the fact the way that I did it previously was going to make things WAY more difficult than they needed to be.

    After that was done, I put alot of work trying to wire things together without the logic, but that turned out to be a waste of time as I destroyed all of it.

    I knew after destroying all that wiring, I needed to implement the logic before I did anything with wires so I knew where all the wiring had to go. This was fairly easy. These modules are what I came up with. They handle the data of the sand blocks.

    All that's left is to wire everything together and hope it all works!

    Oops! Forgot the Timing module, but now that's finished and wired up!

    I had to use Instant Repeaters though, wasn't too bad.

    NOW all that's left is to wire it all!

    Well, turns out I had wired it backwards... So I had to rewire it again. This is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. Oh well, here's the results of the new wiring.
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    Connected the memory to the Logic. Had to make it messy though so it could all fit!

    After that was done, we connected the Logic to the Sorting Pistons... Should be done right? Not exactly, we had a few bugs... But they should be fixed! Here's the aftermath

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    Nice job, was a fun one to watch go, all working now so that it recycles everything?
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    Seeing all the redstone (and flying through it) makes my brain hurt.
    One more block...
    One more block...
    One more block...
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    This is an epic undertaking. A job well done!


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