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    [1.10 Bug] Double vote reminder

    When logging in, I receive the motd and a few seconds later, another reminder to vote though it was just in the motd. The only new information is my total vote count. This was in the 1.8 server as well. A fix would be to remove the duplicate line from the motd and leave the total vote count for users to appreciate.

    [10:31:49] Welcome back to MCA, bobcatfish9!
    [10:31:49] ------------------------------------
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    [10:31:49] Remember to vote everyday for up to 90 caps! - Type /vote
    [10:31:49] ------------------------------------
    [10:31:58] -----------------------------------------------------
    [10:31:58] Remember to vote everyday for up to 90 Caps! - /vote
    [10:31:58] -----------------------------------------------------
    [10:31:58] You currently have 744 Votes
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    Removed the line from the motd. Thanks.
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