I've been killing time in single player... mostly because rocket propelled glider flight is so nifty, but also because I haven't laid eyes on a Illager house yet. First off, they're rare ... more rare than sea temples. Just cruising around hoping to bump into one may never happen...my attempt to do so in the seed I created ended up with me discovering 1 mooshroom biome, an ice-spike biome, about 5 sea temples, about a dozen or so villages (but I stopped counting them at some point).

The quickest way to find one is to find a cartographer in a village and keep unlocking trade options until he'll offer a forest map, which you can use to get the general sense of which direction it is in. (If your position is represented by a very small white dot in the corner of the map, you are very far indeed.) In my game, it took me ten minutes by rocket travel just to show up on the map!

I was worried that the mushroom forest would slightly cover up the Illager building, but it's pretty large at a generous three stories - impossible to miss if it's within rendering distance. Overall, there's not much worth looting aside from the Totems of Undying and emerald drops. If you could afford to trade for the forest map, you probably have a collection of emeralds already, the Totem of Undying is a golden idol you keep in your inventory that will allow you to cheat death (once). They might make a good trophy like the enderdragon head or a mob skull, but you won't see me rushing out to get one.

So in a way, unless the Illager building shows up freakishly close to spawn, it's kind of end-game content considering the amount of villager trading and rocket-boosted gliding expected to get there. But that doesn't mean I won't whine about how long the update comes to MCA. Rocket boosted gliding is the cat's meow ... and llamas make awesome spitting sound effects that I find endlessly amusing....soooo....are we on our way yet?