We may from time to time offer new items or adjust prices in the global shop. It is 100% your responsibility to know the price of the item you are purchasing.

We do not offer refunds for shop transactions, except under extenuating circumstances. It is your responsibility to look up prices before utilizing any transaction system on the server.

This is not a policy we want to implement, but it is a necessity based on the limitations of the current shop and other shop systems we may utilize in the future.

  • Check prices BEFORE initiating a transaction. Use "/shop list" followed by the page number of the list you want to view.
  • Selling to a listing that has a selling price of zero is binding. You just burned that item.
  • Make sure you have room in your inventory. If you do not, you may forfeit the caps AND fail to receive the item purchased.
  • Overfarming a resource will cause it's value to fall. If the price has changed since your last transaction and you sell it for less than you expected, tough luck. Prices will change.

We will CONSIDER refunds under situations that are out-and-out unfair, but if the transaction in question was initiated from a position of ignorance, that is not a valid reason to reverse or refund the transaction. Consider a sell transaction instead.