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    Fixing Old World Map Links

    Hey guys,

    Just in case you're wondering, any world map links posted before the server update will only lead to the world map home (not the co-ordinates) to fix this all you gotta do is copy the link, replace the server.minecraftaddicts part at the beginning with www.minecraftaddicts and the link will work as it used to.

    For example:

    http://server.minecraftaddicts.com/m....527717&zoom=9 would be fixed by changing the server part at the beginning to give: http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/map/....527717&zoom=9

    Hope this helps guys and apologies if you've already all figured this out
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    No I hadn't. Thanks a lot!

    Also, isnt there a way to redirect these links to the new location?

    That would help tremendously with the ReClaims process.

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    Thanks Yennage. I'm having issues rewriting the url's server side which would fix it, but I'll keep cracking at it.
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    yea this will help with my land issue too thanks a bunch yen now i can extend my claim


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