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    I would be happy to help with this, I wont be on minecraft much until my greifing is resolved but when I do come online I wont have anything to do so A community project would be fun!!!

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    I'm always available for community projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt.Carnage View Post
    Did some rough calculations on how much cobble the project will take earlier. Near as I can figure it this will will require 250 doublechests of cobble. Close to half a million blocks all told.

    Any donations of cobble will be greatly appreciated.

    If you can't work on the wall mine yourselves sick!

    I can give you 500k blocks/145 doublechests right now if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiberium View Post
    I can give you 500k blocks/145 doublechests right now if you want.
    Effin lies! That's like...3 times more than I have o.O
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    this completely kills the reason i had my area on the border. now i gotta run 10 miles south

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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlewil View Post
    I'm up for helping too!

    Also, as a Pink Floyd fan, I feel like we should have The Wall pixel art throughout the structure...
    I'll make a huge pink floyd pixel art if i can have an exit into outlands at my place!

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    Do we get advertising rights too?

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    It would be awesome
    If we
    Could put something on it like graffiti when were
    Done. For an urban touch.

    "When a robot does "The robot" is it doing the robot or just dancing?"

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    i could probably help not much a builder so i could gather a lot of cobblestone for this.


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