Hey guys, I made and took the pics from this meal a while back but ended up forgetting about em somehow and never uploading. Until now ofc! In this one I had a bash at integrating one of my favourite meals: BBQ Ribs with some mashed potatoes and other ingredients. Inevitably the results were patchy to say the least

Step 1 -- Assemble all your "quality" ingredients:

From left there's a rack of BBQ Ribs from Tesco, Tesco Organic Salted Butter (obviously!), a can of Cherry Coke (obviously!), a bag of baby new potatoes, HP Honey BBQ Sauce and finally, a pack of 10 Red Dogs (yum...)

Step 2 -- Start unpacking your BBQ Ribs:

Protip: Try to do this without looking at them as the sight of uncooked BBQ ribs will instantly make you lose all appetite...

Step 3 -- Put em in the oven for an arbitrary amount of time then at about halfway through take em out and add some Cherry Coke for that extra "zing":

Protip: Add the cherry coke before you flip the ribs over to ensure that it can soak into them during the rest of the cooking (as well as allowing the now fairly warm coke to splash over you when you flip the ribs!)

Step 4 -- Add a serious amount of BBQ sauce to the other side of the ribs:

Protip: The main complaint 99% of people have with BBQ ribs is that they NEVER have enough BBQ sauce (the stores skimp on it to save money) luckily you can easily rectify this by pouring on a massive amount of extra sauce that doesn't particularly match the flavour of the existing sauce!

Step 5 -- While all is kicking off in the oven don't forget to start boiling up your potatoes in STILL tap water (sparkling was a dumb idea):

Protip: Artistically hurl your potatoes into the boiling water to get a cool "splash action" shot with reckless disregard for burn related injuries!

Step 6 -- Carefully mash up your potatoes using a specialised mashing tool:

Protip: Although it appears that I'm just mashing them carelessly with a spoon I'm actually using the perfect mashing tool for Baby New Potatoes (look it up!)

Step 7 -- Add some BBQ sauce to the potatoes for flavour:

Protip: Add BBQ sauce to stop your potatoes taking on a crumbly texture because they aren't those fancy specialised mashing potatoes...

Step 8 -- Microwave up your "delicious" heavily store discounted Red Dog Hot Dogs:

Protip: Never ever ever buy hotdogs that cost £1 for a pack of 10 they are truly awful and are probably 75% sawdust

Step 9 -- Pile up the monster meal and enjoy:

Protip: Use a plate that's far too small for the meal to make it look bigger and therefore more appetising!

Well in conclusion, that was a mixed bag of a meal. The potatoes were surprisingly awful and were horribly dry even with the addition of BBQ sauce. However, the ribs were genuinely delicious (probably because for once they weren't that overdone). As for the £0.10 each microwave hotdogs, the less said about them the better... They truly were vile and I've since offered them rest up as snacks for friends while avoiding eating any more myself using the time tested "Nah mate I've just eaten" excuse

As always please provide some suggestions, got another ep coming this weekend based of Anthrax's idea which I'm hoping turns out well!