We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Quiet times won't last forever

    Hey Friends.

    It's the first month into my new job and the only work I've been doing on the server is deleting logs and updating the map, which is slacking too.

    Long story short, we're in a rut and it won't last forever. It's all because of this new job stuff and I'm quickly learning how to deal with it.

    Release is only one month away.

    Sorry for not being around. Minecraft Addicts will never die! I'm getting killed with the bills but because of the new job I haven't downgraded. Good timing somewhere at least...

    You guys are awesome, this community is awesome. I won't let that go away.
    MrJangles: how did you find us?
    tayroar629: i googled something like "sweet minecraft multiplayer server"

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    You should downgrade anyways, the server is 3x overkill. Just saying...
    And yes, the community is pretty awesome, I don't plan on going anywhere.

    As for the ones who would rather play the latest minecraft version:

    Vote <--Click to vote for our wonderful server!
    Vote <-- and here while you're at it!

    Internet Rule 639. Derpy Hooves loves you! *Kiss*


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    Yeah im bouncing between 1.7.3 and the prereleases. I want to play on MCA, but I want nifty new features as well. Its killing me.
    When all else fails, call it version 1.0

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    I just made a new user account on my computer and i play 1.8 on that one, while i can still play on MCA on this one im currently on

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucydavi View Post
    I just made a new user account on my computer and i play 1.8 on that one, while i can still play on MCA on this one im currently on
    Or just switch .jars. I actually just change MC folders-its quite easy.
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    Gah sorry for not being around...
    I will be back soon!
    VOTE for our awesome server!

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    I have been busy in real life.

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    I barely have time for gaming but I do check for land claims at least once a day.

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    Lol! Everyone here's actually got their own stuff to do. I'd still be playing if it wasn't for my PSU going down the crapper, let alone my machine. To add I am in the process of some training which hopefully will land me a job. Managed to get a new PSU but the time has been scaling against me as well.

    As for me leaving this server... Not a chance in HELL! Built far too much (Unfinished) and can't let it go. I still have more I wish to build.

    I see everyone here seems to know how you feel MrJangles. We're not going anywhere. I know it's the wrong sort of motivation... But this is what I'm listening to ATM during training and more than likely whilst playing MCA. Enjoy everyone!

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    Thanks for the post Jangles.

    I'm happily enjoying the server as is... It's kind of nice that it's quiet, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

    I'll be sticking around, and the rest of you better as well!


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