We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Help! Can't spawn in region!

    Hey guys, I've noticed a few technical support questions lately about people being unable to go to certain regions in the build world or spawning in these regions in an unloaded chunk of land (you can see all the way to the void below you and can't move) so here's how to fix it:

    Step 1: Don't panic! Something isn't horrendously wrong with the server or your Minecraft client, the bug you're experiencing is called a chunk error and they can sometimes occur when you try and use the region warps in build world. Older players will also remember when these used to occur randomly when just walking around

    Step 2: Simply disconnect from the server and then reconnect, this will fix the bug.

    Hope this helps guys!
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    There are plugins that add a /resend command that tells the server to resend the current chunk. Just an idea


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