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Thread: pvp battle area

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    Okay mk, i added the piston stuff in there, hope you like it! (there is a temp button in one of the corners).
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    looks good autom
    we may want to play with the pistons once the arena is in place?
    the "temporary" button is going to become permanent soon, the build is pretty much done
    here are three more imapges from today

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    The lava makes the place look a little messy, at least from the outside. I think you should seal it in and use it for light only.
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    Ditto. Tbh lava for lighting always looks messed IMHO
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    aw.... i like the lava roof,
    also, there is plenty of lava fountains etc in the area where the arena is going to be installed... it will fit in
    ) :

    i can put something on top if needed though

    autom, if you read this, i may have messed the pistons up when i build the retaining wall around the basement
    the pistons don't seem to be working the same now
    i would appreciate if you could check it

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    ik especially really big ones to fight in... that would be an advantage to players

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