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  1. Play Flappy Bird on Minecraft

    You can build a digital clock, a working computer, and now Nick_Azn from Planet Minecraft has built Flappy Bird. Are you about to throw your phone out the window because Flappy Bird beat you again? Get Flappy Bird for Minecraft and try throwing your PC out your window! That will certainly make a better youtube video!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	flappy_bird_minecraft-590x330.jpg 
Views:	3846 
Size:	42.6 KB 
ID:	6165

    If you really want to try it, download the map, and save it to your Minecraft saves folder. You must be running at least version ...
  2. Donating with Bitcoins

    There's now a Bitcoin payment option when you checkout your cart! We're using Coinbase, the leader in merchant bitcoin transactions. It's a very simple checkout procedure. You don't have to have a Coinbase wallet and can send from any wallet.

    Please make sure you have 1 confirmation before confirming you have sent funds during checkout. However, there is no problem trying immediately as it will time out and prompt you to try again until the transaction has been confirmed. I tested ...
  3. Things To Do While You Minecraft: #1

    Sometimes you just gotta' fill all your furnaces up with sand and let 'em bake.

    Sometimes you just gotta' wait for the sun to come up.

    You can't just go AFK anymore... the server will almost definitely kick you. This isn't so bad if you're just waiting for the sun, but it's not going to help you get that smoooothstone.

    Thus I give you "Things To Do While You Minecraft".

    In episode #1 we'll discuss "Moshing".

    I consider ...
  4. MCA's Player Picks

    Hey Addicts.

    We're running a survey to see what you'd like to be added to the server.
    Obviously there are some technicalities with some of the implementations that we won't bore you with, but we'll work our hardest to get some of the most popular options implemented on the server.

    Duration: Ends 5th February @ 23:59 EST

    The "Minecraft Username" section is purely to track the legitimacy of the survey entry and you will be credited with 30 caps (this ...
  5. Vote for Minecraft Addicts!

    We have recently listed the server with minecraftservers.net, which is currently the #1 Google search result for "Minecraft servers".

    Take a moment, every day, and vote for us!


    For those of you that don't currently vote for us every day at minestatus.net:


    Remember, YOU are the reason we are THE BEST Minecraft server!
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