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  1. "5 years of MCA" screenshot contest winners

    Our last photo contest had two winners, Electric_Current and NanaLiana, here is EC's pic, I'll post Nana's soon.

  2. Minecraft Addicts 5th Anniversary is in September 2015!

    Hello Addicts,
    I'm here to announce some upcoming birthday celebrations for Minecraft Addicts 5th anniversary.
    The server will be 5 years old on September 23, 2015 and staff has some events planned to celebrate.
    The first event I'd like you to put on your calendar will be a server wide PICTURE DAY on SUNDAY SEPT 13, 2015. The time we are "shooting" for is 6pm EST.

    Please plan to attend this even if you are afk, staff can move people around as needed. ...
  3. More Screenshot Contest winners

    Here are two more screenshots from our last screenie contest.
    Join in to win prizes and make your screenshots famous!!



    Thanks to all who sent in screenshots, please keep them coming!
  4. Minecraft Addicts Screenshot Contest July 2015

    The results of the first Screenshot Contest are in!

    The winners are:

    WubblesBubbles & AssaultCommand tied for first*
    strikerpro came in second
    kking1 won third

    Thank you to all who participated and please enter again this week! Remember to read the rules and first post for special details!
    Here are the first two winning screenies:


  5. Creative Contest 5.0 NOW OPEN!!

    Hello Minecraft Addicts!
    Creative Contest 5.0 is now open! The theme of this contest is RollerCoasters! We have designed the contest site so that each roller coaster will run in to the next plot and create a giant ride after the contest is done.
    As with previous contests, you can build solo or as a team, and you need to be a plot owner in build or creative to enter.
    Plot size for this contest worked out to 41x41 blocks, and there is no limit on build height.
    To Join the ...
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