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  1. Things To Do While You Minecraft: #1

    Sometimes you just gotta' fill all your furnaces up with sand and let 'em bake.

    Sometimes you just gotta' wait for the sun to come up.

    You can't just go AFK anymore... the server will almost definitely kick you. This isn't so bad if you're just waiting for the sun, but it's not going to help you get that smoooothstone.

    Thus I give you "Things To Do While You Minecraft".

    In episode #1 we'll discuss "Moshing".

    I consider ...
  2. Things To Do While You Minecraft: #2

    So, you're smelting some gold ingots, are you? Gotta sell them gold blocks to make enough money to furnish your new house with coloured wool, eh? I understand! Sounds like you may have some time one your hands...

    Things To Do While You Minecraft. Part 2!

    While I'm waiting for the coal to do its work, I like to sit and ponder things that really bug me. This helps the whole waiting process seem a lot less, well, annoying. Optimism by comparative association. That's ...
  3. Halloween 2015!

    Hey Addicts!

    As tradition, during Halloween we change up the spawn to be a bit more "Halloween" themed, so we did it again this year. Except, we took it even further with a brand new spooky spawn sure to give you chills! This custom spawn will only be up for a few weeks, so make sure to check it out! (remember, /spawn)

    Halloween Event 2015

    We decided to do something...different this year. We've built a "spawn adventure" of sorts. To start it off, head ...
  4. MCA Builds feb 2016

    Here's some builds from Jex and Nana to freshen up the home page.
    cheers MCA!!

    Jex's new workshop in Historic world

    replica of Swedish immigrant log cabin, by Nanaliana
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