We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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  1. Discord

    We're now using Discord.

    Please make sure you read the rules on the discord in the Rules text channel.

    Invite: https://discord.gg/rtcPa8C
  2. 1.10.2 Update now Live!

    Hello Addicts!

    MCA has been updated to Minecraft Version 1.10.2

    There have been a few changes in terms of plugins and as such some commands that you're used to may have changed slightly (such as shop and disguises). We'll be updating the commands page to reflect these changes.

    New PvE, Nether and End will be added in the next few days so please remove anything from those worlds that you would like to keep.

    As always, please reply with any ...
  3. jennythegreat's oceania plot

    Got a nice screenshot at jen's last night, and it's night time screenshot too. Love the underwater builds here!
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  4. Feb 15, 2016 Screenshots

    Here are some screenshots from today, I have Miney's wall in pve and Emerald city in Creative world.

    Emerald city is a community project, please talk to mk59apr or cooliojulio ingame if you'd like to build something there.
  5. MCA Builds feb 2016

    Here's some builds from Jex and Nana to freshen up the home page.
    cheers MCA!!

    Jex's new workshop in Historic world

    replica of Swedish immigrant log cabin, by Nanaliana
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