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  1. 1.10.2 Update now Live!

    Hello Addicts!

    MCA has been updated to Minecraft Version 1.10.2

    There have been a few changes in terms of plugins and as such some commands that you're used to may have changed slightly (such as shop and disguises). We'll be updating the commands page to reflect these changes.

    New PvE, Nether and End will be added in the next few days so please remove anything from those worlds that you would like to keep.

    As always, please reply with any ...
  2. Factions is coming back to MCA! Survey results

    Hello Addicts

    The results are in from the Factions Survey and are displayed below (image format, you may need to zoom in).

    We'll be working on the Factions setup and will update you accordingly via the front page and Community Talk forum.

    Click "Show" to view the results!
  3. Halloween 2015!

    Hey Addicts!

    As tradition, during Halloween we change up the spawn to be a bit more "Halloween" themed, so we did it again this year. Except, we took it even further with a brand new spooky spawn sure to give you chills! This custom spawn will only be up for a few weeks, so make sure to check it out! (remember, /spawn)

    Halloween Event 2015

    We decided to do something...different this year. We've built a "spawn adventure" of sorts. To start it off, head ...
  4. Minecraft Addicts 5th Anniversary is in September 2015!

    Hello Addicts,
    I'm here to announce some upcoming birthday celebrations for Minecraft Addicts 5th anniversary.
    The server will be 5 years old on September 23, 2015 and staff has some events planned to celebrate.
    The first event I'd like you to put on your calendar will be a server wide PICTURE DAY on SUNDAY SEPT 13, 2015. The time we are "shooting" for is 6pm EST.

    Please plan to attend this even if you are afk, staff can move people around as needed. ...
  5. Play Flappy Bird on Minecraft

    You can build a digital clock, a working computer, and now Nick_Azn from Planet Minecraft has built Flappy Bird. Are you about to throw your phone out the window because Flappy Bird beat you again? Get Flappy Bird for Minecraft and try throwing your PC out your window! That will certainly make a better youtube video!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	flappy_bird_minecraft-590x330.jpg 
Views:	4134 
Size:	42.6 KB 
ID:	6165

    If you really want to try it, download the map, and save it to your Minecraft saves folder. You must be running at least version ...
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