We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
/help <#> Shows a list of commands.
/depth Check your depth.
/fly Toggle flying in Build and Historic.
/getpos Check your coordinates.
/helpop Send a message to all online staff.
/home Go to your home warp.
/ignore <playername> Toggle ignore a player.
/kit support Get a wooden shovel to check the claim you're in.
/kit tools Get a kit of stone starter tools.
/list Lists players currently connected.
/mail read|clear|send <playername>     Mail options.
/motd Read the Message of the Day.
/msg <playername> Send a private message
/r Reply to the last private message received.
/rules Read the general rules.
/seen <playername> Check when a player was last online or how long they've been online.
/sethome Set your personal home warp.
/spawnGo to the server spawn.
/tpa <playername> Request to teleport to a player
/tpaccept Accept a teleport request.
/tpdeny Deny a teleport request.
/warp Lists public warps.
/warp <warpname> Warps to a public warp.

/lwc Protecion help menu.
/lwc -c View creation help menu.
/cprivate Create a private protection.
/cpassword <password>          Created a passworded protection.
/cunlock Unlock a passworded protection (You only).
/cmodify <playername> Add a player to a protected item.
/cmodify -<playername> Remove a player from a protected item.
/cremove Removes a protection.
/cpersist Toggle repeat a command.

Build Land Claims
/region info <region>Lists information for a region you own.
/region addmember <region> <playername>Add a player to your land claim.
/region removemember <region> <playername>Remove a player from your land claim.

/region info n1w2
/region addmember n1w2 NewGuy1 NewGuy2
/region removemember n1w2 BannedGuy1

/shop help Show a list of shop commands.
/shop list <#> List shop items by page.
/shop list all List all shop items.
/sc <ID> Check price of an item.
/sell <ID> <amount> Sell items.
/buy <ID> <amount> Buy items.
/money Check your account balance.
/money pay <player> <amount>   Pay caps to a player.

Private Warps
/pw help Show a list of private warp commands.
/pw List of your personal warps.
/pw set <warpname>Create or overwrite a private warp.
/pw go <warpname> Go to a private warp.
/pw del <warpname> Delete a private warp.
/pw catcreate <categoryname> Create a category.
/pw catselect <categoryname>   Select a category.
/pw catdelete <categoryname>   Delete a category.

Creative Land Claims
/sac Shows commands for /sac.
/sac open Shows a list of unclaimed plots.
/sac goto <ID> Warp to a plot.
/sac claim <ID> Show plot information.
/claim Show commands for /claim.
/claim stake Stake a plot for claiming.
/claim unstake Remove a stake.
/claim warp <playername> Warp to a players plot.
/claim add <playername> Add a player to your plot.
/claim remove <playername>       Remove a player from your plot.
/claim me Show information about your plots.
/claim del warp Delete your claim's warp.

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