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Things To Do While You Minecraft: #2

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So, you're smelting some gold ingots, are you? Gotta sell them gold blocks to make enough money to furnish your new house with coloured wool, eh? I understand! Sounds like you may have some time one your hands...

Things To Do While You Minecraft. Part 2!

While I'm waiting for the coal to do its work, I like to sit and ponder things that really bug me. This helps the whole waiting process seem a lot less, well, annoying. Optimism by comparative association. That's how I roll!

While we're on the subject, here are a few things that really bug me!

1) Popcorn husks caught in between your teeth/gums when you're in a movie theater. Congrats, the next hour and a half of your life is now devoted to tonguing that area in obsessive fashion. I'm not one to carry floss with me wherever I go, but I'm starting to consider it.

2) People who wear their watch face on the inside of their wrist. GAAHH!!

3) Companies handing out free apples in the kitchen. Seriously, have you ever been surrounded by 5 people eating apples at the same time?! ARGH!!

4) Hair on bathroom surfaces while you're cleaning. I'm pretty sure that it's the universe's idea of a sick joke. As soon as you manage to get one hair, somehow, there are 5 more stuck to the sink right beside it! FFUUUU!!!

5) People who stop dead in their tracks at the top or bottom of an escalator. That's okay, we'll just back-pedal in unison on this moving staircase while you check your iphone. &*@#!!!

This list could go on, and on, and on... but what's this?! My gold ingots are now fully smelted? Already?! That wasn't bad at all!

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