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Things To Do While You Minecraft: #1

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Sometimes you just gotta' fill all your furnaces up with sand and let 'em bake.

Sometimes you just gotta' wait for the sun to come up.

You can't just go AFK anymore... the server will almost definitely kick you. This isn't so bad if you're just waiting for the sun, but it's not going to help you get that smoooothstone.

Thus I give you "Things To Do While You Minecraft".

In episode #1 we'll discuss "Moshing".

I consider it "Moshing" because I'm hardcore. You may consider it "raving" or "crunking", but I don't know much about those fancy techno-beats that you kids are listening to today.

What I do know is that when I turn up the FUZZ, I can't help but start to bob that Minecraft head of mine.

Head-bobbing leads to a big of fancy shuffling, and the next thing I know, I'm jumping around and full-on Moshing.

I know what you're thinking - you can't MOSH by yourself! IKR?!

While you can always have a friend TPA to you and Mosh to different tunes (awwwkkkwwaarrddd), I recommend finding some friendly mobs nearby and transposing from Mosh straight into HOE-DOWN (barnyard variation)!

Always be sure to include your favorite pigs, cows and for you ultra-hardcore types, squids. I do not recommend Moshing with creepers, for obvious reasons (they tend to get touchy/grabby and their mustaches smell like shame).

I hope that this helps you through your next painfully-long grass-growing session.

Stay tuned for more Things To Do While You Minecraft!

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