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Homepage News!

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Guess what?! I've got a fever! and the only prescription! is more homepage news!

First off, I'm proud to say that Minecraft Addicts has been a place to mine and build to say the least for almost 4 full years, thanks to the support of the you and the staff. Cheers for today and the years ahead.

You've talked and we've listened! The survey results are in and we're baking up a plan to roll out some new MCA awesomeness. You already know we're working on a live version of our build and creative maps, but that's the tip of the iceberg. What's buried beneath has to wait for the ice to thaw, other words, you'll have to wait and watch for new hints to come as we get closer to revealing the latest project in the shop.

Alright fair enough, that wasn't very juicy homepage news... But it will be soon!

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