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Vote implementation and Rewards

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So basically, just an update to say that we've changed what we're using to keep track of votes and as such there are some new things in place that should spice things up a little.

From the image above you can see that we're keeping track of vote counts (monthly) for the sake of the top voters board that can be found in spawn. In addition to that, you may have also noticed a few messages popup in your chat (we're refining timings still) reminding you to vote and displaying your vote count for the current month.

We plan to implement extra rewards and potentially change the current default reward per vote, which brings me on to suggestions and feedback.
Please feel free to leave any suggestions and/or feedback on the current implementation and anything you would like to see from the vote system. This can include base vote rewards (currently 5 per day), cumulative rewards (reach x votes and get y) and even random luck rewards (every vote you make has the chance to give you a certain reward). Alternatively just complain about the annoyance of the reminders (currently 2 hours between reminders, unless manually triggered).

We're currently discussing the implementation and would love to hear what you have to say about it.

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