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Halloween 2015!

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Hey Addicts!

As tradition, during Halloween we change up the spawn to be a bit more "Halloween" themed, so we did it again this year. Except, we took it even further with a brand new spooky spawn sure to give you chills! This custom spawn will only be up for a few weeks, so make sure to check it out! (remember, /spawn)

Halloween Event 2015

We decided to do something...different this year. We've built a "spawn adventure" of sorts. To start it off, head over to the church right beside the spawn point. Make sure to read all the signs, as they'll give you hints and such. If you have started, you are looking for specific codes around the mansion. You require eight codes to finish the event. They're in no specific order, and often aren't following the path to the finish, so make sure to look around and record all codes you find!

Now what kind of special event would this be without prizes! Usually we would give prizes only to those who finish first. This time we're giving away a spooky item (That can only be earned in this event.) to all of those who finish the adventure. But if you are one of those who finish the secrets before anyone else (First, second, and third), you will be further rewarded with something even better

Zombie Heads: throughout your adventure, you will come upon zombie heads. These aren't just decoration! If you can find all twenty heads before anyone else does, you will be rewarded with a great prize!

IMPORTANT: Take a screenshot of each zombie head you find, once/if you find them all, send them through imgur etc. to Jenny, Richey, or myself.
Take a screenshot of yourself (In f5 preferably) in the end room once/if you finish the spawn adventure, then send it to Jenny, Richey, or myself.

Happy Halloween, and good luck with your adventure!
-MCA Staff

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