We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Server IP: server.minecraftaddicts.com
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Minecraft Addicts (MCA) has been running since September 2010. We offer several gamemodes to suit all play styles and primarily focus on building in a family friendly community.

Explore our worlds: Build, Historic, Creative, Survival(PvE & Nether), and new ideas are always in the works.
Our members are helpful and experienced as we're proud to be ranked #1 for highest uptime over the longest period of time. We were invited to Minecon 2012 in Paris and given a panel to educate in server security and online safety. Our community has roots and is one of the oldest online gaming communities.

Find Inspiration from the builds on our server and visit our youtube channel which features some of our towns and build plots. Let off some steam in our custom designed pvp arenas and discover the mystery of our spawn secrets, but most of all, join our build community and build your Dreams!

Here is some more information about our worlds:

Opened in 2010, Historic is our oldest world still in continuous use in the minecraft game. Travel the "interstate" roads of historic to see builds that will Inspire and surprise you with over 3 years of development.

Build world opened in 2012 and is the world that most players currently call home on MCA. Cities, Factories, Mega farms, pixel art, builds of every style and level of quality can be found in this world.

Our creative world is just as it sounds, creative mode enabled, which allows you to spawn endless materials for use in your builds. Great for players that want to get straight in to building and not have to worry about gathering resources and crafting.

Survival(PvE & Nether)
These worlds are representative of single-player Minecraft. There are no protections outside of spawn meaning players have access to place and break without permission. Most players on MCA use this world for adventures and resource gathering. Griefing is allowed on these worlds however PvP or any form of player killing is frowned upon.

PvP Arena
This world speaks for itself. Let off some steam and just kill people (or die trying) in our custom arenas!
Minecraft Addicts
Connect with us on Teamspeak and talk with fellow addicts.
Each player in the game is assigned a specific colour that represents their group membership:

Operator: Indigo
Server owner and team of back-end operators that keep the world/website running at peak efficiency, as well as planning and coordinating all aspects of the Minecraft Addicts world.

Administrator: Dark Red
Senior server staff that are responsible for overseeing and keeping all aspects of the community in check.

Moderator: Light Red
Server staff that are responsible for keeping the peace and helping users where possible.

Representative: Gold
Junior staff that are responsible for keeping the peace and helping users where possible.

Donator: Dark Green
Donators are builders that have donated to the server.

Builder: Bright Green
This is the default group for all players. Builders are granted access to build in specific regions and can build/play freely in survival worlds.

Build a home or help a friend.

Punch those trees like no tomorrow! Or skip the fun and give yourself a builders kit. Ready to go on a hunt for diamonds? Get your tools out and torches lit, because you will only find diamonds in the dark depths below the worlds surface. Bring your resources back to your home and store them in your password protected chests. Better, make a hidden vault for your rare resources.

Ready to take on a big project? Take on team lead and recruit your finest crew to build epic structures of awesome proportions. Take advantage of the economy if you're tired of mining and crafting for a specific block you need right now. Sell your resources to the bank for Caps and spend your Caps at the shop for items, or make a transaction with another player who may have a better price!

Imagine the possibilities.

Our Build environment offers:
- Large protected vanilla Build plots claimed by using our land claim system
- In-Game protected claims in our creative world
- Plot owners have the /addmember command enabled to add friends to their builds
- All players have 20 personal warps (PW's) plus one /sethome warp
- Additional warps and perks can be purchased as Ranks from our shop page
- Always a Mod on and Helpful and Experienced Staff members
- Too much sand and dirt? Sell it! We have an Economy that includes /shop for buying and selling on-the-go.

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