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Unregistered, You must accept the Minecraft Addicts Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.

Minecraft Addicts Rules
Minecraft Addicts Rules

Please take a moment and read over the rules for playing on the Minecraft Addicts server.

We have created a few simple rules to follow so we can keep our world enjoyable for everyone. The idea is to keep it as open as possible so society and our economy can form themselves. Players who break any of the rules will be dealt with accordingly.

If a ban is issued, the player will always have the option to dispute their story in the Plead Your Case forum.
No Griefers

These rules are necessary to control the society and economy. By working together we can create a functioning Minecraft world. There are rarely second chances so don't take advantage of your rights to play here. We have the right to reserve your play if you break any of the rules listed below. Thank you for your co-operation.

No Griefing! Do not touch anything (including land) that does not belong to you. Every block is logged and we are very strict about protecting our builders' creations. This does not apply to Survival Servers.


Respect the lands, respect your players, and enjoy yourself. Misbehavior won't be tolerated. The world is economically balanced because everyone works together as we evolve into one society. We see your account as you not anyone else. Keep your account to yourself.

1. Use chat responsibly! Spam, excessive profanity and racism will be met with zero tolerance.
2. Lewd/profane/vulgar skins/builds (art or otherwise) are not welcome on this server. Use common sense!
3. We DO NOT allow flying, item spawning, speed hacking, X-Ray mods or X-ray-texturepacks, or any other mod/hack that gives you an advantage over the next player.
4. DO NOT ask to be an OP and please do not pester the mods/admins.
5. Do Not advertise any servers here it is bannable.
6. Follow the direction of the Regional Managers, Moderators, Administrators, and Operators. If you have an issue, please submit a report.

New Builders: Take some time to explore the world! Use /help, or the Commands Page, for tools to help you get around and find a place to call home. The World Map is a very helpful resource and will be of great value as you search for a plot. All of the creative regions are outlined in different colours to help guide you through the claim process.

Use the forums! Most questions have already been answered and can be found with a simple search. Important threads/topics are "stickies" at the top of each section - read these!

Build rules

Abandonment Rule

People come and go, and often leave half-completed builds in the process. We understand this and have a system for re-claims. Please see the Region Forum for more information.

Land Management Rule

Claiming a section of land entitles you to be the sole builder on said plot. Under no circumstances should a claim owner attempt to sell or rent space on their land claim by means of monetary exchange (caps). You may add a user to allow for builder help on your claim. Do so at your own discretion if said user you added greif's your area the player will be delt with.

TNT and Flint & Steel DO NOT WORK in the Build or Historic servers.

Please do not try to light fires with Flint & Steel or build TNT on the creative servers -- They don't work and each attempt is logged and sent to the administrators. Fire spread and lava flow are turned off on the two Creative servers.

Automated farming is prohibited on this server.

An automated farm is one that does not require manual harvesting. Not only do automated farms cause imbalance in the economy, they are also a huge waste of server resources. It is perfectly acceptable to plant a large farm and harvest it manually. This includes no mob kill boxes or traps. All automated farms will be removed without warning.

Chest/Furnace Protection

All chests/furnaces that you place in the creative area will be protected by default. You can change the protection by using the /lwc command. Protection does not work in Survival Servers.

1. Be courteous and respectable to every forum member, whether Man, women, child, or browny. No Flaming of any kind is allowed.

2. No cursing or rude behavior of any kind is allowed on these forums.

3. SPAM is tolerated (in spam category). If you have many pictures to share please make a forum topic about it.

4. Please refrain from discussing the following topics on the forums so as not to offend anybody:

5. Flaming is not tolerated on these forums.

6. Please include a "Spoiler Alert" in the title of your topics that give away info that should be kept quiet. Many members cannot play games at release time so be considerate of them.

Minecraft Addicts Community lives by the following rules of play:

1) Absolutely no altering a game in order to gain an advantage.
No glitching, flying, dupeing
No trying to get outside of the normal boundaries of a map.
No modding (other than approved mods)

2) Have good sportsmanship.
No flaming
No racist/sexist talk (unless its a girl doing the sexist talk)
Respect fellow gamers (even the girls they can still kicks your a**)
Watch the language please (we understand frustration but we ask that you try your best )
No crude talk/behavior (we have younguns and ladies here, please mind your manners)

Our forums are moderated and you must be over the age of 13 to register. We're a clean group, but you know how it goes. Please do not advertise other servers.
Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban from the server and website.

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Minecraft Addicts rules.  

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