We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Minecraft mods we Love!
Use of these mods is not required to play.
There are many awesome client mods for Minecraft that make our server much easier to play on.
Here's a few we recomend you use:

OptiFine (HD texture fix, more video options)
HD textures, HD fonts, BetterGrass, much faster Smooth Lighting, options Dripping Water/Lava, texturepack change, fixed bug in Far View

Rei's Minimap (Beautiful Minimap)
Fast processing, Waypoints (Can not teleport), Ingame keyconfig, ZanMinimap frame appearance

Beautiful map rendering:
Expression of semitransparent blocks
Bump-map expression of height
Expression of dynamically changing lighting
Automatically generate the block colors from your texturepack
Biome color

Texturepacks we use!
Use of these texturepacks is not required to play.
There are many awesome texturepacks for Minecraft that make our server look awesome.
Here's a few we use and we recommend you use as well use:

Default (Standard texture pack not good enough?)

HD Faithful (32x32 texturepack)

Affinite's Faithful (64x64 HD texturepack)

Minecraft Enhanced (128x and 256x HD texturepack)

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