We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Register and Buy Minecraft from Minecraft.net.

    Purchase now it's officially released. You will also get the full version of Minecraft.

    Download a custom skin and get ready to connect!

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    Connect to the Minecraft Addicts World to see what we're all about. Don't be shy and ask any questions you have to players in the game.

    Open your Minecraft game and login with your account. Click Multiplayer and enter server.minecraftaddicts.com in the server address bar. The game will quickly connect you to our World. Read all signs in the worlds you enter if this is your first time connecting.
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    Take a moment and read over the Minecraft Addicts Rules. To keep the peace there are some important rules to follow.

    Concerned someone is going to destroy your stuff? Don't be if you work in one of the creative worlds. Including the rules, Minecraft Addicts takes griefing very seriously in creative worlds. Our data is constantly backed up and the moderating team never hesitates to take action on someone breaking the rules.
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    The Minecraft Addicts server has 4 worlds for you to explore. In creative worlds Highways, subways, and warp systems have been built for easier travel because it can be easy to get lost.

    You're not limited to were you can travel in the Worlds. Read signs and look for our highways. They run north, south, east and west to each end of the World. The World Map displays warps at specific sections on the World. Click the warp icon to see the name and coordinates.
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    Builders require a Regional Land Claim before they can start building in the Creative world. Once your Land Claim is approved there is no one that can take it away from you.

    Start by getting to know the World by travelling around the Regions. They're outlined on the World Map. Each Region is managed by a Regional Manager. These players are dedicated Minecraft Addicts guru's and can help you with anything you need. Get to know your Regional Manager.
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    Minecraft Addicts runs a sustainable economy because of options that change or add basic features of Minecraft.

    Commands are used by typing in chat like you would be talking to a player. For example, by saying "/list", you're running a command to check who is playing on the server. Check your bank balance and buy/sell resources using the shop commands. Lock your chests, send a private message, teleport to a Region, or even teleport to a player with a few easy commands.

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