We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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Thread: outdated client

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    outdated client

    getting an outdated client message when i try to log into the server.

    what did i break this time? i think minecraft updated fine but now i dont know.
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    We have a mod that keeps lava from lighting stuff on fire, it's llamacraft, which is an addon for hey0. With the server update, llamacraft will only work if hey0 works, as a result, we will be keeping the server as the older client until a fix for llamacraft is found, if you are not able to connect, think of it as being offline for maintainance.

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    I was able to log in after the update, but suddenly I'm not. What's the deal?

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    Turns out deleting /bin/ fixed it by uninstalling my texture packs. I have no idea why that was causing a problem...


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