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    Akimotokun - s31e16

    Because it is not very fun playing minecraft without having the ability to let my fellow friends and builders work with me, I would like to apply for a New World land claim, so I may share the fun experience with others

    I would like to claim "S31,E16" in Aquaria (lack of creative name? :P ) - The reason I choose this one is because it is flat and big enough for me to play around with without having to make additional topics when I use up the space.

    EDIT: Here is a link to my very old historical world: http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/show...Akimotokun%27s

    My minecraft username is: Akimotokun

    - I would very much appreciate the opportunity in the New World
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    Approved. Claimed s31e16.
    Welcome to Aquaria

    Enjoy Build! And be sure to use up all the land, thats a big claim!

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