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    Akimotokun - s29e17, s29e16

    This is a little embarrassing (considering I got a plot 7 days ago), however my next project require at least 255x150 plot size facing directly south, north, west or east, and my current plot has no room left to build it. It is theoretically possible to place it between the wall and center piece, however it will ruin my design plans for the area.

    What I am planning right now is to build a gigantic church. I have the plans ready, but not the room to make it. (I might have to use more than 7k caps to build it )

    In the future I will build unique roads, stretching out from my center (@ s31e16) and be aligned with the church (among other structures I am planning to build, but 1 thing at a time!).

    Unfortunately, the world map have not updated this Saturday, so you cannot actually see what I have built this far.

    By giving me the requested plot s29e17 & s29e16 (both of them are equal to a jumbo square), I will be capable of making a junction with my previous claim. I have not yet begun making roads connecting anything - as it will be the last thing I'll do.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post here or contact me in-game.

    Plot: s29e17 & e29e16
    Username: Akimotokun
    Build: Gigantic Church

    Previous claim (s31e16): http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/show...motokun-s31e16

    I appreciate it, and it will be nice gesture for future donations and art contributions to the server
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    On your s31e16 plot, I see lots of open space. Its something in the middle with a wall around it. What is your plan for that claim? We usually don't give out more claims (especially 2) without seeing the previous claim filled, thats all.

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    The space between my center and wall is not bigger than ~180 blocks, and I need at least 255 blocks distance (the structure alone) + some extra so structure won't stick to eachother. If I add the structure horizontal, and above the center piece and wall - There is space, but I will not be able to make a north/south/west/east road streching out from the center and add misc. architecture art.

    Even if I removed the wall around the map, I would not have enough room to place the structure faced towards the center piece.
    But, if having 2 smaller zones is problematic, the zone to the west of s31e16 is more than big enough for my structure (perhaps even too big), which is why the two smaller pieces north of it (or the two pieces south of it) is big enough for the structure (in junction with mine)

    Like I've already mentioned I have the plan ready for the structure, and I can start right away (without extra planning) if my request get's approved.

    My plan for the current s31e16 around the center piece and border walls is a work-in-progress pending your response to my request.

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    Accepted. Claimed s29e17 and s29e16.
    Welcome to Aquaria!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NineteenGiraffes View Post
    Accepted. Claimed s29e17 and s29e16.
    Welcome to Aquaria!
    I appreciate it , you will not be disappointed


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