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    Arrow + Uber Archery

    Uber Archery

    Welcome Minecraft Addicts, to the new Archery Competition!

    This event's purpose is to see who can shoot the bulls-eye first within the allotted time (20 seconds)

    The rules are:
    • Anyone can enter!
    • There is a limit of 4 players allowed in the contest
    • If there are more than 4 people at an event, a qualifying round will be held for each player. The top 4 players will compete in the contest for rewards.
    • A bow and arrows must be brought. Bows will be sold at 5c each-limited supply.
    • Any cheating, griefing, interfering with other players, and taunting or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a warning, and if repeated will result in immediate disqualification.
    • You must shoot from behind your designated spot at your target.
    • Lights in your area will light up if you hit the center.
    • Any shot before the game has begun or after someone has hit the center of their target will not count.
    • Spectators are allowed to encourage players, but taunting will not be tolerated.
    • After each match, any players who have not received enough points will not move on to the next match.
    • After each match, players who have not received enough points must move to the side and allow the remaining players who have qualified for the next round to take the place at the fence.
    • The first 4 players to win 5 points will go onto the next round.
    • The first 2 players in the 2nd match will go onto the last round.
    • The first player in the last match will be announced the winner.
    • 1st place will receive the "grand" prize.
    • 2nd place will receive the "honors" prize
    • 3rd and 4th place will receive the "competitors" prize.
    • Respect the judgement of the game-runner.
    • The game-runner reserves the right to disqualify a player for any reason at any time.

    The event will be hosted at my lot in Aquaria, S22E23. To reach the event, players must teleport to either myself (dafire911189) or to other players at the event.
    The event will last up to 2 hours, consisting of 3 matches, and possibly a qualifying round.
    There will be a total of 3 rewards, awarded to 4 players.
    Grand prize will be XXXX amount of coins.
    Honors prize will be XXX amount of coins.
    Competitors prize will be XX amount of coins.
    All rewards will be given in coins.

    If any staff member or player would like to sponsor this event to help contribute to the reward, it would be greatly appreciated.

    *This event can be replayed as many times as desired for future competitions.
    *The archery event is completely fair and uses very accurate measurement of arrow placement to determine if it has struck the 'bulls-eye', using redstone and minecarts as the primary function of activating flashing lights.

    *The event is under construction, the remaining structures to be built being:
    Point-count system

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    You should wait untill 1.3 gets on the server. Then you would have more time to prepare PLUS we would be able to use pressure plates to detect hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androcks View Post
    You should wait untill 1.3 gets on the server. Then you would have more time to prepare PLUS we would be able to use pressure plates to detect hits.
    You're right, thanks.
    Edited Deadline

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    Count me in dafire. I want to shoot, shoot, and.....bullseye!

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    Alien has generously donated 2000 caps to the prize money, so here are the current awards.

    Grand Prize: 1000c
    Honors Prize: 500c
    Competitors Prize: 250c (2 rewards)

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    I want to join, so I hope it is held when I can

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    ill enter too i like my archery


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