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    Cool Building Competition!

    I, Jaloje have started a building competition, It is just for fun, There are prizes, and you can build anything. If you want to enter Contact Jaloje and you can join. 1 Plots left! I will have this competition every month or so, I will give the rules, prizes and the location is s16w26 in Build.

    First place... 1 Emerald 1 Diamond 1 Gold
    And 1 Iron block
    Second place... 1 Diamond 1 Gold and 1 Iron Block Third place... 1 Gold and 1 Iron Block
    Fourth place... 1 Iron Block
    Hope you can win!

    Don't distract other players building
    Don't GRIEF!
    Don't go outside your border
    You can use anything of your choice
    People can vote for each building
    Most important rule... HAVE FUN!

    Signed: Jaloje
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    Only one plot? Will there be more dependant on demand? We do have quite a few people on this server.

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    slinkycc's Avatar Iron Trench Maker
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    i am not finished with my plot he wont let me finish

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    Did you mine his resources?? If so, I can understand.
    OK, so what's the speed of dark?


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