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    The Great Airship Building Contest

    The Great Airship Building Contest

    Minecraft Addicts proudly present a competition of high expectations; a contest of both building skills and physical agility. To celebrate our server's second anniversary, you are invited to compete in the MCA Great Airship Building Contest.
    An Airship, by our definition, is any craft that travels through the air and that, when stationary, won't come crashing down to earth. They can be held up by air/gas, propellers or some magical means. The style and design is completely upto you but please try and keep them origanal.


    1st place: 10,000 caps
    2nd place: 5000 caps
    3rd place: 2000 caps

    Everyone else, who completes an entry by the closing date, will receive 500 caps for entering. Everyone is a winner.


    There are a limited number of plots. In the event that more people enter than there are plots, names will be drawn from a hat. There are 14 large plots at 50x50x50 blocks and 24 small plots at 28x28x28 blocks.


    To get here, enter the Build portal from Spawn, and then The Arid portal from Capitol. A short path will lead you to the contest area.

    To Enter
    Taking part in this contest is simple. Please reply to this thread with your in-game name and whether you would like a large or small plot. The decision on who gets what plot won't be made untill Sunday September 30th. That gives you a week to start collecting materials (this is not Creative mode). However, you are free to visit the contest area before then. The Deadline to finish your builds will be in 6 weeks on November 11th.

    Team entries will be permitted for this contest. Please keep teams to no more than 4 people and remember, prize money will be shared between members.

    Only one entry per person. You can't have a plot and work on a second plot as a team member. One or the other.

    Please note: Not everyone will get the plot size they want due to limited numbers and some may miss out all together if a lot of people put their names down. We can only apologise in advance if this is the case with you. However, if someone drops out or if we feel that they have become inactive during the contest, we will contact you and offer you their plot.

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    I would like to enter and get a large plot if possible. In-game name: michaelavena


    After checking out the plots, a small one should be fine, I didn't realize how big they actually were.
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    front paged!

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    I would like to partake in your little competition. I'm fine with a smaller space =] MonsterTrain ig

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    Few questions, small plot builds are still competing with large plot builds correct? And you determine the winner by
    both building skills and physical agility

    IGN: andrew61

    Large plot preferred but I really do not care what size plot I get.

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    In-game name: bobafettacheese
    I'll take a small plot, thanks! I'm not sure how good my aircraft will look, though.

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    in game name shadow9198 i ask for a big plot if i may

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    I'm in for sure, whatever size I get, I'll be very happy.

    Please outline the judging method when you get a chance!!

    This will be fun.
    OK, so what's the speed of dark?

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    Username: Yennage

    Small plot for me please, great contest idea btw

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    Username: boomy10

    Large plot would be better but a small plot if others have already got them.


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