We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Has stuff been greifed that cannot be rolled back?

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    It's a no brainer we won't get on until it's restored...

    but have the backup copies of worlds been altered or destroyed? or can we expect the server maybe being put pack a month or so...

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    When will the server be back up? I just want to know if it will be up soon or not.

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    I assume it wont be up for another day or two at most.

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    All worlds are backed up. The Admins are in the process of rolling back a lot of griefing damage. Stay tuned for further information.

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    thx for the information and thx to all staff for taking their time to fix the server=]

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    Thanks for info limoman. Should we be re-posting our user names in a white-list forum to get our name added to the server?

    Also, thank you to all the admins for fixing this issue.

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    Just a message to say thanks to the admins. Hang in there guys, I'm sure this is stressful for you!

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    The whitelist thread has been updated. Please take the time to read the thread then post your usernames.

    Click here
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    Before the close down of the server I saw huge chunks of the Spawn destroyed. looked like a Nuke attack!!

    I cannot imagine the amount of work the team has to do to roll back the carnage.

    hackers are just such losers.
    OK, so what's the speed of dark?


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