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    Agreed =]

    Only a matter of time before I posted this, don't know how well known these guys are.

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    First off not your normal beat-boxer if you dont know what that is watch the start if you do know and just want to lisen then skip to 2:35


    Second slow start but def ramps up

    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    In my opinion these are the best two songs ever made, and they're even better to people who can sing along (like me) xD

    I saved the best until last

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    Very exciting when wolfgang gartner releases something new:

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    It doesn't count as a necropost when both Mord and Trampboat are involved! Also another obscure ambient track because it's Sunday:

    Mord Fustang (more glitchy than his usual stuff, didn't love it on first listen but I think this one might need some repeat plays):


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    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    I felt the same way about that mord fustang track yennage. I still dont totally like it comparing it to his other stuff. And I dont think this is a thread that is really bad to necro post. I think its worthy of a sticky.

    Dont usually listen to UKFMusic but:

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    sticky it is!

    Want some strange Donnie Darko vibs? here you go:


    want to get your wine on? one here for that as well:

    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    So pleased with the success of this thread xD

    If you liked lofp's Grimes, I've got a slight vocal remix =]

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