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    Contest Participation Rules.

    Rules for participating in any contests.

    1. All users who wish to participate in any contest must maintain an area (Contest Plot) on their own land claim (that is contest moderator approved) in which the contest entry that they are building is kept.
    - The Contest Plot must be a grass plot that is 23 x 23 blocks raised at least one block above the ground level
    - Building outside or below the interior of the frames will cause your contest entry to be disqualified.
    - There must be a cubic frame that is 21 x 21 x 21 blocks set 1 block from the edge of the raised platform previously specified. See Image:


    2. Users must follow all rules and specifications in the contest for their entry to be valid.

    3. In the 'Contest Information' thread each player is only allowed to post twice. Once saying that they plan to participate in the contest, and this has to include the coordinates of their "Contest Plot". And second with the screen-shot of their entry that they are submitting to be judged.

    4. Any offensive content will be removed and action will be taken against the offending user.

    5. Nothing controversial -- Drugs (including marijuana), alcohol, sexual/suggestive content, etc.
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