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    Rules for Creating Contest Threads

    1. All contests will have two threads.
    • The first thread will be the details of the contest and will be turned into a poll for judging each entry once the construction period is finished. Judging will be performed by the user population through the means of a poll.
    • The second thread is the contest discussion thread. Users can discuss any details of the contest here. Thread derailments aren't allowed and will be moderated.
    • Both threads must have similar names, ie: Airship Contest Information, and Airship Contest Discussion

    2. Durations.

    • Each contest is to have a construction period of exactly 14 days from the launch date of the contest (Generally the first day of the month).
    • 2 days after the construction period will follow 7 days of judging. The 'Contest Information Thread' will be turned into a poll in which there will be a screen-shot of each build and each user will have a chance to vote on the build that they feel should win the contest.

    3. A fill-in-the-blanks form will be provided for easy contest creation.
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