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    Lofp's Hints - How to get them.

    I'm here to help you with solving the spawn secrets.

    All you need to do is post in this forum:

    3 screenshots of you standing next to a sign that has a staff name or "secret" on the sign.

    For every 3 screenshots of secrets found you can get 1 hint.


    How to take a screen shot:
    To do so use F5 twice and you should see yourself. then press F2 and upload the screenshot to any image sharing site ( http://imgur.com ). and then link them in your post. If you have already found some in the past contest, You may also link to that older locked thread if you so wish as long as we can see you in the shot.

    What sign do I take a screen of?
    The ones with a staff name on them. should say something like: "lofp's secret", "lofp's real secret" or "- yennage"

    What are hints:
    Are you stuck? not sure whats next? find something strange and dont know what to do with it? ask for a hint. and I will give you something that will make it easier to understand.

    Is there a prize?
    Currently there is no Official prize for completing the secrets but I'm sure if you solve them all I will come up with something for you.
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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