Contest Name: Warzone Arena Contest

Ideal Duration: Contest would ideally continue for about 2-3 months before a winner is chosen.

Contest Description: I'm noticing that in the old war/pvp/survival world, we used to have the RGS arena that eventually got made into warzone. This was a place where people gathered, and I personally had a lot of fun building it while under attack - in a way, it promoted teamwork to protect the builder. I think it'd be nice to have a center to the action in the new war, with all the spawns being spread out and whatnot.

Contest Location: War!

Special Parameters: Anyone (even multiples from one faction) may submit a design, via screenshots and/or videos. If you would like to have a better screenshot or video taken, perhaps mod can come by and take one for you. At the end of the contest, one will be voted top, and the faction that it came from will have the responsibility of building it...While under attack! In the center of your build, there must be a single chunk meant for safezone/portal. There must be a (safe?) jump of no return off of this into the actual warzone of the arena. Sizes can be 3x3, 5x5, or 7x7. Must be build for being on a raised platform (Like my own spawn) or floating in the air. Griefing the entries is completely allowed, so be careful, and keep in mind it's build for pvp, try to make it beautiful AND functional!

Prize(s): Well, aside from getting the honor of building something everyone in war will hopefully use, you will get
1000 caps for being first place. It's more of an enjoyment thing.