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    Minecraft Engineering Competition

    Contest Name: Minecraft Engineering Competition

    Ideal Duration of Contest: Announce it early, 3 weeks of build time should be plenty

    Description of Contest: The goal is to create mechanisms that can be of practical use in builds on the server.
    At first I thought about elevators, they could be graded on various parameters (listed below) and then lighting systems or sound machines. The point being to expose quality mechanisms and choose the best ones and use them throughout.

    Location of Contest: (build, creative, website, etc...) Build. I have no special room for this, depending on number of entries, I figure 20x20 each... I have an almost empty claim that is mostly water, it'd need to be "paved over".
    Open to suggestions for locations.

    Special Parameters: (has to include a certain block type, or has to follow a specific theme etc...)

    We can go crazy on specifications for all sorts of mechanisms.

    Prize(s): Each device or type of entry would have it's own price in caps and diamond blocks.

    I have a 2000 caps budget and 4 diamond blocks to spare. If the idea catches on, you'd be welcome to chip in the pot.

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    I have been hoping for something like this. Its a good Idea i just wasn't sure how many people would be interested. nice small plots would be great for this so people make sure to make everything efficient and compact.

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    Something like this will be really cool. Don't think we ever had anything like this. I would be interested. It's a good idea.

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    well we lost now that refine is in XD jk lol. i will go in.elevators dont work the best on the server though

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    This is a good idea
    But elevators don't really work, I actually have a test elevator built somewhere but it performs like crap

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    i also like this idea. as i am always trying to make redstone contraptions that fit into my builds. again with what these guys said, elevators dont work well with the server. i built one on my other claim.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, sometimes u get kicked for flying cause it moves so fast, over all its a failure because of reliability (works great in single player, so not design flawed).
    i would still like to see a contest like this.

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    An open ended contest like the house one would be cool. Like the builds could be judged on:
    Efficiency (Compactness)
    Functionality (how well does it work)
    Appearence ( how well can you make the mess of redstone look good)

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    I saw a working design for an elevator and that's what pushed me to create this thread.

    I had ideas for parameters for the elevators, which are not necessarily piston operated.

    Piston Elevator
    Number of floors (maybe a spec)
    Scalability to other designs (There is a one shaft and a 2 shaft version of a design for example)
    Cost of redstone components
    Vertical speed
    Look (more shape than materials)

    Skyscraper lighting system
    Number of floors covered
    Granularity in control
    Cost in redstone components
    Specs for a given floor area (number of lamps per floor might be a spec)

    The thing would be the emphasis on the mechanical side, as builders can later deal with the looks.
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    Well yes elevators work great. In single player that is. But if there is an elevator that works as well on servers i would really like to know how to build it

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    maybe add cool (and small-ish) piston door stuff too? That's a good way of engineering...
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