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    Decorate Spawn For The Holidays!

    It's that time of year, folks! Get ready for the holidays!
    Put on your festive outfits, we've got a holiday themed contest for you!

    Contest Name: Decorate Spawn for the Holidays!

    Duration of Contest: 2 weeks. Start date is Saturday, November 17th, 2012. Contest ends on Saturday, December 1st, 2012 at 11:59 EST.

    Description of Contest: Show off your holiday spirit by decorating Spawn! Make a holiday themed ornament or decoration, and we'll pick the top ones to be hung all over Spawn. Once the 2 weeks of building is up, we will have a poll here on the forums for everyone to pick their favourites.

    Location of Contest: Your own plot. Please follow the rules on this thread. Once you have built your ornament, please post a screenshot and the coordinates to this thread.

    Special Parameters:
    -Use common sense to avoid building anything offensive (don't make me send Santa with a lump of coal!)
    -As a multicultural server, we embrace all religions. Let's try and include things from all celebrations (not just Christmas)
    -Please keep your ornaments to the proper size limit, 21x21x21 (stay inside the frame though, so it will really be 19x19x19) and make sure it follows all the rules of this thread
    -Be sure to post on this thread letting us know that you are participating, and then again with your submission.
    -You only have two weeks to build, so go quickly!
    -Keep in mind that the larger you build it, the more difficult it may be to find a spot for it, so if you build something smaller, it may get placed closer to the main area of spawn (no guarantees though!)

    -All winning submissions will be hung around Spawn for all to see.
    -500 caps for 1st place, 400 for second, 300 for third, and 100 for the rest of the winners (if anyone else wants to chip in to this, send me a PM and we'll add to these numbers!)
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    Sounds all good, good luck to the builders!

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    Ahem, this has begun!

    Get those builds going, you've got two weeks to finish! Also, if you're participating, please post here to let us know!
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    pkd906's Avatar Wood Hatchet
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    Jun 2012
    Wildwood, IL
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    I am participating! 19 by 19 y 19? i can do that!
    Well I'm dead q.q

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    limoman's Avatar Diamond Digger
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    Jun 2011
    Tamworth, UK
    Ill enter somthing and will contribute to the prize fund also.

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    I would love to join this contest! But if I never learn how to put screenshots into the forums than I'm not really a contendor

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    I can accommodate for that Cheezy. Once it's built, I can take screenshots and post them here for you.
    And thanks Limo!
    Last edited by Jeff1741; 11-17-2012 at 07:34 PM.
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    Okay thanks Jeff

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    No worries, just trying to get as many participants as possible!


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